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njRAT, also known as Bladabindi is a very popular Remote Access Trojan. Having it’s first discovery in June 2013 with some variants traced to November 2012. This tool is built by a hacking organization called Sparclyheason. In addition, it’s usage often targets in the Middle East. Above all, it can be spread through phishing and infected drives.  In conclusion, njRAT has a rating of “severe” by the Microsoft Malware Protection Center.


  • Remote into the victim’s desktop or active window
  • See the victim’s IP, full computer name, full username, OS, install date, and country
  • Remotely execute a file from disk or URL
  • Manipulate files
  • Open a remote shell, allowing the attacker to use the command line
  • Open a process manager to kill processes
  • Manipulate the system registry
  • Record the computer’s camera and microphone
  • Log keystrokes
  • Steal passwords stored in browsers or in other applications

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