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“AZORult stealer is a trojan malware that harvests and exfiltrates data from the compromised system. It is installed on a system via a first-stage malware, such as seamless. The malware searches for the following information and sends it to its C2 server.”


This is the latest release of Azorult (3.3) including all plugins available. Firstly, we have decided to link a video tutorial on setting up the panel / builder below. We ask that you refer to this video guide before asking us any questions regarding the setup. In the event you still require help, we offer 24/7 advanced support for all purchases in our store.


  • built-in loader
  • List of installed programs and their versions
  • Tree list of running processes
  • Information about the processor, video card and other devices
  • Strong  persistence
  • Crypto-currency stealer
  • Cookies stealer & converter

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